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This website is devoted to my hobby of trading baseball cards online. I used to buy all the cards I needed for my collection until I stumbled across a few baseball card trading sites on the internet. WOW! What a concept, trading cards instead of buying them? After a few successful trades, I was hooked. Hence the need to come up with my own site, so that I could take trading cards to the next level. 


I am currently trying to complete sets from many different years. Each of the sets are in various stages of completion.


You can access my wantlists by clicking on the respective links below. Please take a look. If you have anything from my lists available to trade, let me know. I have many duplicates available for trade. So chances are, we will be able to swing a deal. I always try to grade my cards very conservatively to avoid any disappointments. Whenever possible, I would like cards for my sets in the condition listed.


Oh, and if you could not tell already, I am a huge San Francisco Giants fan!!




Click here for my Vintage Baseball want lists


Click here for my Football, Basketball, & Non-Sport want lists





Please e-mail me with any trade proposals or questions.



Thank you for visiting. Please stop by again!





Link to Old Card Traders (OCT) Page


Link to Vintage Card Traders (VCT) Page

















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